Who can I contact about membership?

The main Labour Party membership team deals with all matters concerning membership. There are several ways of contacting them. They also provide some forms to fill in for various purposes.

In Labour International we have  two membership officers who can also help you with membership queries and problems.

Labour Party Membership Team

Email:  labourmembership@labour.org.uk

Phone:  0044 345 092 2299

Postal address: The Labour Party, Labour Central, Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PA

Membership Forms

Join the Labour Party (or click the red tab at the top of this website)

Renewal of Membership

Membership contact form for membership queries, changing details and resignations.

My Labour set up or login to your account

Labour International Membership Officers

Les Adams and Alan Aitkenhead
Email: membership@labourinternational.net

Who can join Labour International?

You can be a member of Labour International if you are over 14 years old, a citizen of Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, and have a residential address outside the UK.

How can I join you?

There are two ways of joining Labour International

1. Joining from scratch

If you’re not currently a Labour Party member you need to join the Labour Party in the normal way , using your address outside the UK. Then you will automatically become a member of Labour International. Your membership pack and card will be sent to you by post, and our own Labour International membership team will contact you by email and tell you which branch you are in.

2. Transferring your membership

Are you already a Labour Party member who has moved to another country to live or work? If so, you just need to register your non-UK address with the Labour Party membership team using one of the contact methods given above. Then you will be transferred from your UK CLP to Labour International, and allocated to a branch according to your location.

If you move from one country outside the UK to another while you are a member, you can be transferred to a branch in your new country by notifying the party of your new address in the same way.

Labour International’s  Membership Officers can also help you with transfers.

How do you contact members?

Our Labour International members are all over the world, so email is the main way of keeping in contact. If you want to vote in internal elections and receive newsletters, meeting announcements, membership surveys etc. you need to provide an email address when you register, and make sure that it’s always up-to-date and working properly. Important ballots and notifications can be sent by post if you don’t use email, but it’s expensive and time-consuming for our volunteers, and they will probably arrive too late.

Can I use a shared email address?

When we send out ballots or surveys there can only be one response per email address. This has caused problems when two members use the same address, so it works better if each member in a family or couple uses their own individual email address.  If you normally share one address, we suggest that you set up a separate one specially for Labour Party use.

Why am I not getting emails from you?

Sometimes members change email addresses but forget to inform the party. And sometimes an email address stops working for technical reasons, or a full inbox, or because you’ve changed jobs or left university or got a new internet service provider. Occasionally it’s due to an email address being on our list with a typo in it.

There can also be problems with email providers using strong spam filters, or putting our emails in a promotions folder. So check your spam folder, and your promotions folder if you have one. Adding our usual “from” addresses to your contacts list might also help.

If you are a Labour International member but are definitely not getting any emails from us, you need to check with our LI membership officers or the main Labour Party, using the contact details given above, to see if there’s a problem with your email address.

How can I leave?

We hope you won’t leave us, but if that’s your decision here’s how to do it.

1. Transferring back to the UK

If you move back to the UK long-term, you can no longer be a member of Labour International, but you can, of course, still be a Labour Party member. You will be transferred to your local UK CLP and branch after notifying the Party of your UK address, using one of the contact methods listed above.

2. Leaving the Labour Party

If you want to leave gradually, or haven’t quite made up your mind, you can just cancel your direct debit. That doesn’t stop you being a member immediately, but generally you can’t vote in internal elections or stand for office if you are in arrears with your membership fees. If you don’t clear your arrears when you get your final reminder, your membership will lapse.

If you want to resign with immediate effect you need to inform the main Labour Party membership team. They advise using the membership contact form to do this, but you can also write, phone or email using the contact details above.

Writing a strongly worded resignation email to any of our Labour International officers is NOT the best way to do this. But our membership officers will help to arrange your resignation if necessary.

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