Labour International Campaign for a Green New Deal - Red banner with grass and wind turbines
Labour International Campaign for a Green New Deal - Red banner with grass and wind turbines

The Green New Deal emerged simultaneously in the US and UK, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, to promote radical structural transformation of the economy to ensure that:

  • As we move away from carbon we build stronger, more resilient communities.
  • We create good, unionised jobs.
  • Everyone is warm, fed and housed.
  • Key infrastructures such as transport, energy, water, broadband and mail are put back into public ownership.

In 2019 after a hard-fought compositing process which included LI members, Conference overwhelmingly passed a Socialist Green New Deal motion. This committed the party to radical measures, including decarbonisation by 2030 and the nationalisation of energy and transport.

‘We will show the world how prioritising sustainability will not only deliver immediate improvements to everyone’s lives but also offer humanity a pathway to a more equitable and enlightened economy: one that protects our environment, reins in corporate power, revitalises democracy, unites our communities, builds international solidarity and promises a better quality of life for all. The scale of the challenge requires nothing less.’

It’s Time For Real Change: The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

This became the basis of the Green Industrial Revolution in the 2019 manifesto.

In Nov 2020 the party announced its Green Recovery Plan, following consultation with members in the summer on The Green Recovery Report – a consultative document whose scope is specifically limited to the post-Covid recovery rather than a wider GND in general.

Labour International for a Green New Deal is campaigning to preserve a radical, worker-led Green New Deal, overwhelmingly endorsed by the 2019 Labour Party Conference and laid out in the 2019 Labour Party Manifesto with its plan to ‘drive up living standards’ and ‘transforming our economy into one low in carbon, rich in good jobs, radically fairer and more democratic.’

To have a chance of preventing the worst from the unfolding climate crisis, it is crucial Labour keeps to these pledges. The following policies have subsequently been dropped in recent proposals, but are crucial if the UK is serious about its contribution towards tackling climate change:

  • The decarbonisation target of 2030
  • Public ownership of energy and transport
  • £60bn for the ‘Warm Homes for All’ scheme
  • A National Care Service to provide low carbon jobs
  • Roll out of Universal Broadband.

No Green New Deal is complete without its international component and as Labour International is made up of members of the party living and working all over the world, our focus will be campaigning for an International Green New Deal.

This means campaigning for:

  • Ethically sourced materials purchased overseas needed to transform the economy
  • Companies listed in the UK to deinvest from fossil fuels
  • Immediate halt to all fossil fuel subsidies made by the UK government
  • Cancellation of all developing country debt held by UK government.
  • Honest carbon accounting. Reduction in the outsourcing of emissions
  • Cross-border sharing of technology and intellectual property
  • Recognition of Ecocide as a crime under international law
  • Legal recognition of climate refugees’ right to asylum
  • International solidarity for workers and indigenous groups resisting ecological assault.

‘Tackling the destruction of our planet is a question of justice – for the communities at home and abroad who are most affected by it and for our children who will bear the consequences if we don’t. Social justice will define Labour’s approach. We will make sure that the costs of the green transition fall fairly and are mostly borne by the wealthy and those most responsible for the problem.’

We are a group for Labour International members campaigning for a Green New Deal.

Join us!

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