• LI has members in over 70 countries around the world.
  • Two thirds of our members live in Europe.
  • One third of our membership are women.
  • 80% of our members are of working age.
  • Just under 7% of our members are under 27.
  • Slightly over 99% of our members use email.

Membership of LI quintupled from around 650 in 2010 to a peak of 3300. The large increases in membership came during the period of the leadership elections in 2015 and 2016. Since the General Election in 2019 our membership has been gradually decreasing again, but we are still a very big and active CLP with well over 2,000 members.


    The very nature of LI’s membership is such that many of us are internationally minded, typically in favour of European and global cooperation and a just international order based on democratic and egalitarian global values.
    Social democracy by nature shares these global values, and LI branches, groups, and individuals often develop very close relationships with sister parties in different countries, as well as with international organisations like Socialist International and the Party of European Socialists, for example, through joint activities and campaigns.
    We aim to use our broad international knowledge and links for the direct benefit of the UK Labour Party.


  • Participation in the Labour Party’s policy development processes.
  • Fund raising and election campaigning during UK and European elections.
  • Hosting and facilitating overseas visits of UK Labour Party members, elected representatives and ministers.
  • Globalisation has meant that a very broad section of British citizens now live around the world. Members of LI come from all walks of life and are of all ages. An important concern of LI is therefore campaigning for the rights of British citizens abroad, for example in areas such as pensions, voting and representation, medical services and similar civil rights.


  • With more than 2,000 members around the world LI can truly claim to be international in scope with a wide diversity of membership and interests represented.
  • LI has many contacts around the world.
  • LI is currently in the process of changing its management structure. A new, 14-member Labour International Executive Committee (LIEC) elected by members for a 2-year term, took over from the former Labour International Coordinating Committee (LICC) at a changeover meeting on 28th April 2019. Decisions on policy will in future be made by a General Committee (GC) for which LI branches are now choosing their delegates.
  • There will also be three Regional Coordinators for : (1) North and South America, Caribbean (2) Europe Middle East and Africa (3) Asia, Australasia, and Pacific (Hawaii is North America) elected by members in each region.
  • Here is a list of the current LIEC officers.
  • Membership of LI is not a condition for participation and many branches and groups encourage supporters as well as members of sister parties in other countries to take part in LI activities.

New branches of LI are being set up around the world with the aim that every member will be allocated to a branch. Some branches meet face to face as there is a cohort of members living in a particular city or area; some meet using video conferencing; some use a combination of both.

The rapid growth of LI in recent years has meant that some parts of our rules and organisation may need to change. The NEC in September 2017 agreed terms of reference for a consultation process within LI to review the rules, procedures and structure. This process is ongoing.

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