This is a new role key role for LI and offers an opportunity to be at centre stage of transforming LI into a fully functional CLP where all members will be part of a branch.

Labour International CLP (LI) has grown from a membership for 500 to nearly 3,500 today. In 2015 there were  just 7 branches in LI; now there are over 20. In 2017 the newly elected Labour International Co-ordinating committee (LIEC – soon to be renamed the Labour International Executive Committee) began the process of reviewing the structure of LI. Top priority was to get all members organized into branches and to develop a delegate based General Committee (GC) structure.

To build on this work we now need regional organisers, spread across the globe, to support the further development of branches and give members and their branches the support they deserve.

Role Summary

The regional organiser role has been created to help build and strengthen the LI branch structure, and as such you will play a key role in the future of LI. Many of the branches are very new, with new branch executive committees. Trying to organise branches across 24 time zones was never going to be easy, so the new LI rules have created three regional organisers to cover each of the following regions:

  • The Americas
  • Australasia and Asia
  • Europe, Africa and the Middle East

The key aims for regional organisers are:

  • To continue the work of branch building across LI.
  • To enable local branches to provide support to all LI members in their catchment area
  • To support branch committees to develop and grow their branches, including recruiting new members.
  • To ensure that all members wherever they live have an equal opportunity to get involved in their local branches and groups, including being able to attend Branch meetings, either face-to-face or by online videoconferencing.
  • To support branch committees to ensure that their members feel confident and well informed about LP policies and fully equipped to play an active role in LI and the wider LP.
  • To contribute to LI becoming an outward looking CLP with branches that can act locally as well as globally and play a part in securing a Labour victory.

Your role will probably include:

  • Giving advice to branch executive committees to recruit new members and maximise active member involvement
  • Encouraging members, especially those from currently under-represented groups to stand for LI officer posts.
  • Helping branches to make links and work with local and regional organisations that share the values and aims of the Labour Party.

Key Responsibilities

You can choose how to focus your role and what to make your priority depending on what needs are identified by members in your region and the LIEC.

  1. To support the growth and development of branches in LI, including giving support to branch committees so that they work effectively and inclusively.
  2. Encourage collaborative  working between branches in your region and with branches and members across LI.
  3. Together with LI diversity officers help to branches to be fully inclusive and representative of youth, women, BAME, and  LGBT members and members  with a disability or have carer responsibilities.
  4. To enable and empower branches to contribute, organise and campaign for a Labour victory.
  5. To help branches to contribute to the LI development plan
  6.  To encourage branches to fully participate in the LI General Committee meetings and all member meetings, including submitting motions, so that members voices are heard.
  7. To work closely with and report back to the Labour International Executive Committee (LIEC) and in particular with the LIEC vice chair/membership secretary. This includes regular attendance at LIEC, GC and AMM meetings and at branch meetings as and when required.
  8. To ensure compliance with Labour Party and LI policy, procedures and rules.

Key Tasks

Work with and across branch committees to:

  1. Provide leadership to a group of branches within your region.
  2. Assist branches to recruit and retain members and supporters and grow the Labour Party and movement across the region.
  3. Develop inactive branches and work where necessary to build organisation from scratch, including mentoring new branch committee members.
  4. To work closely with other regional organisers and the LIEC membership secretary.
  5. Assist branches in the writing and implementation of branch development plans.
  6. Promote the use of videoconferencing and other branch involvement techniques to maximise access to and for all members, including setting up local groups.
  7. To provide effective communications between branches, the LIEC and the General Committee (GC), including the election of GC delegates and encouraging their regular attendance at meetings.
  8. Help branches to develop and support local initiatives in the promotion of Labour Party policy issues.
  9. To advise the LI political education, training and information officer on LI members training needs.
  10. Help branches to work with other national and local organisations where necessary.


  • Knowledge of organising and campaigning techniques.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Party organisation at branch, constituency and national level.
  • A working knowledge of and/or access to the Labour Party constitution and Rulebook, and the LI rules and standing orders.

Personal Attributes

  • Ability to build, enable and empower LI member and branch involvement.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with LIEC officers, members and branch committees.
  • A commitment to incorporating diversity perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of under-represented people.
  • An openness to sharing information and keeping members informed.
  • The ability to communicate concisely both verbally and in written form and online.
  • Friendly and approachable.
  • Have initiative and the ability to offer new ideas
  • Be organised
  • Willing to work as part of a team and the ability to motivate and persuade, valuing others’ ideas and expertise, and a willingness to learn from others
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to member involvement.
  • An ability to change and adapt, work proactively and to help and support members to do likewise.

Lines of Communication

You will be a non-voting member of the Labour International Executive Committee (LIEC) and would be required to attend LIEC, General Committee and All Members meetings.

Time Commitment

Approximately 5 hours a month but this will increase considerably during General Election or other campaigns. You will need to be available to attend LI meetings at weekends, including LIEC, general committee and all members meetings.

Because LI members are spread across many time zones most communication will be online.

How to Apply

Please write a personal statement  of 150 words stating the skills you can bring  pointing out how you would develop this new role.

This post is open to job share.






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