The disabilities and carers officer is the key representative of disabled members, ensuring that members with disabilities or are carers of family members who are registered disabled are able to be  are fully involved in the work of LI as well as taking a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the LI reaches out and engages with voters with disabilities. This role is particularly important given the government’s scandalous PIP and benefits  requirements.

This role is varied, exciting and can make a real difference to LI – not just to members with disabilities or carers but in terms of how the whole CLP operates. You can choose how to focus your role and what to make your priority depending on what sort of activities that members want to see.

There are five key aims:

  • Making sure that the voices of members with a disability and those with carer responsibilities of family members who are registered disabled are heard within LI
  • Building a party that is inclusive for members affected by disabilities– this means working to make sure that disability issues in LI are recognised and supported
  • Campaigning on disability – playing a leading role in making sure that LI campaigns includes disability issues within the Labour Party and beyond.
  • Highlighting the Tory government’s discrimination against disabled people
  • Ensuring that everything that is feasible and possible is done to ensure the full participation of disabled members or carers in the Labour Party

Key Responsibilities

  1. Promote the involvement of members with disabilities in LI and ensure that  LI activities and meetings are relevant and accessible to members.
  2. Welcome new disabled members and their carers to LI
  3. Encourage LI to issue an equalities monitoring form so disabled members can self-identify.
  4. Listen to disabled members and carers views and ensure that they and their issues are reflected in Labour’s policy making, including the Labour Party democracy review.
  5. Run events that disabled members and carers can access, including training, policy development and social events.
  6. Work closely with LIEC and branch officers to ensure the concerns of the disabled community are reflected.
  7. Work with other LIEC members and volunteers to make sure that LI’s social media and web access policies fully meet the needs of disabled members and carers.
  8. Make it possible for disabled members to make the jump from member to activist.
  9. Bring disabled members and carers together to empower each other and gain the knowledge and skills they need get involved.
  10. Campaign to make the LP national conference fully accessible to attendees and where disabled members are able to sit and socialise with their CLP delegation
  11. Campaign to raise the issue of the needs of LI members who are carers of registered disabled family members to enable them to become fully active in the Labour Party
  12. Reach out to disabled people through local campaigns, and working with disability organisations in the constituency to engage voters, highlight issues, and get a better deal for disabled people.
  13. Report back to the LIEC on your activity, campaigns and community work and highlight any forthcoming events or campaigning.
  14. Acting as a LI link to Disability Labour, the party’s national affiliate representing disabled party members and promoting participation in their national events within LI
  15. Work to ensure that disabled members/carers of LI are not subjected to harassment or abuse within LI and the LP as a whole, including at branch and group meetings and online

Key tasks

This role is varied and exciting, and you can make a real difference to your local party through this position. You can choose how to focus your role and what to make your priority depending on what sort of activities that local members want to see.

At the heart of all your activity should be the aims of building an inclusive party for disabled members and carers of family members with registered disabilities and building campaigns with the disabled community in mind, both in respect of internal Labour Party activity, and outward looking campaign activity.

You will work closely with LIEC and branch officers, making sure party meetings are accessible and relevant to disabled members and carers, advising on things such as accessible venues and printed materials, and ensuring that disabled members are encouraged to stand for the LIEC  and other positions.

The other part of your role involves looking outside of the party to your local community, and exploring how LI can engage people with disabilities and carers, and those affected by disability in your local community.

As Disability Officer, it is your role to ensure disabled members are able to get fully involved and that their views and concerns are reflected and listened to.

You may want to consider the following activities:

  • Make sure that all LI disabled members/carers know how to contact you and welcome them to LI.
  • Get branches and small groups to do an audit on disability and carer access to local meetings and assist them to to make meetings and activities more accessible.
  • Provide LI members with information on the needs of disabled people and their carers.
  • Set up consultation meetings, exchange speakers and run campaigns relevant to disabled people and their carers in the local area.
  • Encourage branches and local groups to use videoconferencing for meetings and other tools to increase access
  • Actively encourage disabled members to get involved in meetings and contribute to discussions.
  • Ensure feedback regarding access and inclusion from disabled members and their carers is passed onto the LIEC.
  • Set up a disability forum in LI to support you in your work. Consider running a survey for disabled and carer members on their interests, training needs and the support they would need to get active.
  • Work with the LIEC education, training and information officer to encourage disabled members and carers to become more involved in LI and in community activity.
  • Encourage disabled members to attend the Labour Party national conference.
  • Work with LIEC to ensure that LI meetings are accessible, interesting and relevant to disabled members and carers.
  • Actively encourage disability to contribute to discussions, and stand for election to LIEC.

Skill Requirements

  • Good communication skills and knowledge of a range of appropriate tools to facilitate this
  • Good analysis skills
  • Ability to develop policy
  • Ability to represent LI to the Labour Party centrally and secure support for LI initiatives.
  • Regular access to the internet and social media that are sympathetic to the needs of disabled members
  • Able to use or willing to learn to use Zoom online video conferencing
  • Knowledge of issues that affect disabled members in the Labour Party and in communities.

Personal Attributes

As disability  Officer, you need to be:

  • Friendly and approachable
  • Organised
  • Willing to work as part of a team

Lines of Communication

You will be a voting member of the Labour International Co-ordinating Committee (LIEC) and would be required to attend LIEC and All Members meetings.

Time Commitment

Approximately 5 hours a month but this may increase during General Election or other campaigns.


You will be at the forefront of  raising the profile of issues around disability in LI and the Labour Party as a whole. So how you choose to develop it will be up to you in negotiation with LIEC and disability members.

How to apply

Please write a personal  statement  of 150 words stating the skills you can bring  pointing out how you would develop this new role.

This role is open to job share

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