Delegates at Conference 2017
Delegates at Conference 2017

Candidates statements as PDF file

Arash Azizi, USA: L1217723

I had the honor of being a delegate to Labour conference in Brighton last year and would love to do so again. As Britain enters a decisive point in its history, Labour alone offers the chance to not only take the interests of working masses of this country to heart but to make it into a beacon of hope for people around the world.

Supporters: Steve Hudson (L1603138), Ann Bonner (A391015)

John Bennett, Australia: L1599521 

I have been a Labour supporter since my early teens and was brought up in the Labour stronghold of Preston in Lancashire by a vociferously passionate Labour supporting family. Socialism is in my blood. Based in Australia and now in my early thirties, my attendance at conference would help provide representation from members in the Asia Pacific region. I have been active in Labour International for the last year, a regular attendee of the All Member Zoom meetings and currently helping to develop a branch in Australia. I am passionately anti hard Brexit and a firm believer that we need fair representation by members from across the party spectrum, regardless of any perceived factionalism. My attendance at conference will help ensure our broad church party values are maintained within Labour International and our delegation is inclusive, diverse and representative. I would be grateful of your support to make it happen.

Supporters: Ben Gibson (L0119510), Paul Claydon (L0048919)

Ann Bonner, Spain: A391015 

I am applying to be a delegate to LP conference because I care passionately about the direction our party takes in ensuring our increasing membership gets a fairer say in decision making.  I have experience in attending both LP and TUC conference over many years and understand the mechanisms at work.  Although I am disabled and find it difficult to walk about I feel this should not be a barrier to being a useful member of our delegation. We have a twofold ambition this year.  To improve knowledge of LI within the LP membership and to gain support for the rule change motion we adopted last year.  I believe I can assist in these aims and ask for your support should there be a ballot for delegate.  I first joined the LP in 1964 and have been member, with one break, since 1964.

Supporters:  Jenny Semahimbo (L1430136), Frank Bonner (L1746632)

Pat Byrne, Turkey: A144350

I am standing as a Labour International delegate to Party Conference to support the ongoing popular transformation of our Party that began with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Party leader nearly three years ago. If elected, I will do everything possible to support our branch motion for the open election of all Labour candidates for parliament. This is a key part of the further democratisation of the Party that is so necessary if we are to win the next election and secure the implementation of our Manifesto.
Another important role as delegate will be to help promote Labour International at the Party Conference.
I have been an active Labour Party member since 1972, holding a variety of positions in the Party and the trade union movement. I live in Turkey where I am helping to develop a local branch for our members in Turkey, Cyprus and Greece.

Supporters: Steve Hudson (L1603138), Ann Bonner (A391015)

Paul Claydon, USA: L0048919

As a Labour party member for 15 years, I’ve seen the party undergo major changes and with the triumph of Jeremy Corbyn and the explosion of membership, I’ve watched us become the largest political party in Europe and inspire young people and previously disenfranchised voters to vote for us.

While I welcome the enthusiasm for the party, Labour is only electorally successful when we’re a broad church for a multitude of voices and that is not the case right now. Moderate members like myself are marginalized and isolated as the party retreats into a hard left comfort zone drifting away from where I believe the core values of the majority of Britons lie.

At conference I would hold our leadership accountable and support motions that broaden our appeal to mainstream Britain to avoid a drift to the hard left that will inevitably lead to a long period in the political wilderness.

Supporters: Ben Gibson (L0119510), Laura Molyneaux  (L0087268)

 Jonathan Clyne, Sweden: L1302097

I want to fight as a delegate for Labour International’s motion for mandatory reselection, which I seconded. We will be faced with hard and sustained opposition to this motion from vested interests. I am determined to ensure that our motion is not taken off the agenda or compromised away. Conference must vote on it.

Since being elected to LICC a year ago, my focus has been on establishing branches for all members and creating and editing the newsletter as a platform for the whole of LI. I see these as essential ingredients, together with the motion, for creating a transparent and democratic Labour Party. Only a people powered movement will propel Labour to power and enable it to begin a real social transformation. This is sorely needed. This conference is our chance to take a decisive step in that direction. Please support all LILA candidates.

Supporters: Joe Bilsborough (L1650203), Fred Gent (A462221)

Tom Fillis, Belgium: L0128217

Conference takes place ahead of the most dramatic – and potentially devastating – constitutional change in post-war British history. A Tory Brexit.

Labour International, especially those living in the EU, is uniquely placed in terms of dealing with the fallout of a Tory Brexit. We must ensure that LI provides delegates to Conference 2018 who are able to articulate the dangers ahead, and how any opportunity can be used to secure a Labour government.

A lifelong supporter, nothing has been more important than building a Britain working for the many, not the few.

Born in working class northern England, sitting on the exec of Aberystwyth University Labour Students and how the exec committee member for Brussels Labour, I bring dedication, knowledge and a passion for the Labour party, our voters, supporters and communities.

It would be an honour to represent LI as a delegate to Conference 2018.

Supporters: Isobel Findlay (A799233), Keir Fitch (A174817), Jo Wood (A916105)

Jos Gallacher, Belgium: A366431

Why Conference:

Conference is the party’s sovereign policy body and my main interest is in policy making.  My focus is building on the radical and popular manifesto of last year.

Who am I:

I have been a member of the Labour Party for 39 years. I was very active from the 1980s, including as Constituency Chair, Parliamentary Candidate and delegate to party bodies at District, County and regional level.

In the 1990s, I worked with Labour politicians for example successfully lobbying on the Maastricht Bill in the House of Commons or supporting councillors on the EU Committee of the Regions.

I joined LI when I moved to Botswana (2005-2008), and in recent years I’ve been able to give more time to party activity as branch treasurer and NPF delegate. When I find time, I blog at

Supporters:  Isobel Findlay (A799233), Keir Fitch (A174817), Jo Wood (A916105)

Frederick Gent, Finland: A462221 

I was a LP member from 1979 until the socialist Clause IV was removed under Tony Blair. I rejoined in 2015 following Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership nomination. The new OMOV system provided hope that the members’ views might be heard and socialism return to the agenda. I have been impressed by Corbyn’s resolve against a hostile PLP/MSM, and by the numbers and enthusiasm, with which trade unionists and others have rallied before, during and since GE2017. Continual sabotage by some in the PLP has undermined our message to the public. It motivated me to author our Conference motion along with Jonathan Clyne on the MP selection process. I apply to represent the CLP as delegate for the opportunity to help our CLP motion pass through Conference. The change could re-energise the local LP organisation in the manner OMOV for the Party Leader has done for the national party.

Supporters: Jonathan Clyne (L1302097), Joseph Bilsborough (L1650203)

Ben Gibson, USA: L0119510 

As a continuous Labour member of over 20 years, I have been an active supporter of our party through thick and thin. I am happy to see the way we have recently been able to reach new and younger voters, but am disappointed that we have not made more progress – and feel that the pernicious influence of Momentum is not helping our cause.

I believe that we need to listen and learn from the local and general elections: though we have a strong core of support, we need to broaden our appeal to voters whom we have lost to the Liberals and the Tories. At conference I would hold our leadership to account for this lack of progress and support motions that will allow us to broaden our appeal, rather than being a rubber stamp for Momentum.

Supporters: Paul Claydon (L0048919), John Bennett (L1599521)

Rosemary Hindle, Belgium: L1159686

A lifelong supporter of the Labour Party, canvassing as a student for the first time in Aberdeen in 1983, I am now Secretary of Brussels Labour. I would be honoured to represent LI, and the views of their members, as part of their delegation to Conference 2018 at a key moment in the UK’s history, when it faces the prospect of being permanently poorer, having less influence in the world, with the greatest costs falling on those least able to cope, as the situation currently stands. I would welcome the opportunity to help determine the policies to deal with the challenges the UK currently faces, and tackle existing inequalities, both within and outside the UK, to secure the election of a Labour Government, whenever the next election takes place.

Supporters: Isobel Findlay (A799233), Keir Fitch (A174817), Jo Wood (A916105)

Steve Hudson, Germany: L1603138 

I’m standing as a Conference delegate to fight for Labour International’s motion on the democratic selection of MPs.

The current ‘trigger ballot’ process is completely unrepresentative. Labour MPs are elected thanks to the huge efforts of their local membership. It’s only fair that members get to choose their candidates via One Member One Vote.

Hard-working, popular MPs have nothing to fear from democratic endorsement. Under the current system, however, Labour MPs in safe seats have jobs for life, unaccountable to their local party. On past performance, sadly, it’s not inconceivable that anti-Corbyn Labour backbenchers could side with the Tories to bring down a Labour government.

Our party needs to become a model for the society we want to build: democratic, accountable, fair. Democratic selection will help us unite around delivering what’s most important: meaningful change For The Many, Not The Few.

Steve Hudson, Co-Chair Labour Germany BLP

Supporters: Ann Bonner (A391015), Jonathan Clyne (L1302097), Aidan Constable (L1621208), Kate Laycock (L1620327), Calum Paramor (L0106149), Rowan Shaw (L1263915)

Katy McCaffery, Ireland: L1509059

Living in close proximity to the UK, I can see first-hand the damage the Con/DUP government has inflicted on the economy through the pursuit of austerity. Worst affected are those whose needs are the greatest and who often lack the ability to speak for themselves. As a full-time carer I am acutely aware of how austerity negatively impacts those with disabilities and their families and I would like to bring my awareness and experience to conference.

I first joined the party more than thirty years ago as a 14-year-old and have been one of the many inspired by the Corbyn leadership to renew my activity and participation to bring about a Labour government which will reverse austerity. I am a member of Momentum, LRC, LILA and a co-opted member of the LICC.

Supporters: George Massey (L1640619), Sarah Mahon (L1356732)

 Colin O Driscoll, Belgium: L1358779

Dear LI Members,

This is the most important Labour Party Conference in a generation. We may be a few months away from the collapse of the CONDUP Coalition of Chaos and a Labour Government. Last year, Labour International submitted a rule change motion that will be on the agenda of this year’s Conference. That motion, for Mandatory Reselection, or in other words, for regular open selection of Parliamentary candidates, could have a big effect on the ability of a Corbyn led Labour Party to put its manifesto program into action.

We need a Conference that supports Corbyn to get that rule change passed. For that we need as many Corbyn supporting candidates as possible.

I am Co-Chair of Labour International, and a member of Momentum, Red Labour and the LRC. I am an executive member of LILA.

If there is a vote, please also vote for the other LILA candidates.

Supporters: Jonathan Clyne (L1302097), Katy McCafferty (L1509059)

David Quinn, France: L1324417

“Our rule change motion regarding the Selection Process  is extremely important to the future direction of the party.  As a long-time supporter of CLPD fighting for increased democracy in the Labour Party for many years, my prime objective as a conference delegate will be to build support for our motion amongst other CLP delegates.

Extensive experience in the Party has allowed me to build up a large contact network.   I also have the skills needed to effectively deliver the key points to gain the support of other CLP’s and delegates.

We also have a set of skills, experience and knowledge in Labour International that is outside that of the majority of UK based members.   This is valuable to the party putting an International perspective into policy decision making that can’t be found elsewhere.  We need to promote Labour International because many party members aren’t even aware of our existence.”

Supporters: Joe Guinan (A748876), Lee Perry (L1630562), Peter Astbury (L1587927)

Jennifer Semahimbo, Spain: L1430136

I attended conference last year as a visitor and this year have decided to stand as a delegate. This year LI has a rule change motion – mandatory reselection – on the conference agenda. We need a strong delegation that will work hard to ensure that the motion gets maximum support to get it into the rule book. I promise to work hard to make sure that happens.

Last year’s general election result showed that the manifesto and the new direction of the Labour Party is one that resonated with the electorate. We now need a strong and united team of Parliamentary candidates standing behind Jeremy Corbyn and the manifesto, speaking with one voice and building unequivocally towards a Labour victory. The Mandatory Reselection rule change will give all labour party members a voice to choose that team.

I am the co-chair of Labour International and a member of Momentum and LILA.

Supporters: Sarah Mahon (L1356732), Ann Bonner (A391015)

Rowan Shaw, Germany: L1263915 

I have been a member of the Labour Party since just after the 2015 General Election and have been an active member of the LI Coordinating Committee for just over a year. I was a delegate to last year’s Conference (and Women’s Conference), where I attended all the sessions. I am appalled by the politics of the UK government and committed to working for a Labour government. My main focus is on fighting austerity and ensuring migrant rights. In my view, it is essential for LI to send a full delegation to Labour Party Conference to support LI’s own rule change motion on mandatory selection and to raise LI’s profile within the Labour Party.

Supporters: Steve Hudson (L1603138), Ian Hollingworth (A136075)

 Imogen Tyreman, Belgium: L1308886

I joined Labour International when I moved to Brussels in 2016 after the EU referendum. Before moving over, I was active in my local CLP in Cornwall, and attended Young Labour Equalities Academy and Young Labour Conference as a South-West delegate.

Since moving to Brussels I’ve been able to get even more involved with Labour, sitting on the executive committee of Brussels Labour branch last year, and being elected as vice-chair this year, which is my current position. I am also involved in the Young Fabians society, working with a group of people on a policy project on how to build a United Kingdom.

As we come to the last conference before Brexit, I want to represent the views of Labour Party members around the world, and as a young, confident woman, you can trust me to make sure your voices are heard.

Supporters: Isobel Findlay (A799233), Keir Fitch (A174817), Jo Wood (A916105)

ADDITIONAL WOMAN DELEGATE (elected automatically, as only one nomination for Woman Delegate)

Eve Drayton Hill, France: L1358720

Going to Conference as a Woman Delegate for LI would be a fantastic opportunity to share and network, hopefully to push policies forward that represent women in our party, our wider community and internationally.

This is my first Conference.  A life-long Labour voter, re-enthused about the possibilities after hearing Jeremy Corbyn at Tolpuddle in 2015, I joined the Labour Party.

I’m BAME mixed race and twice an immigrant (Guyana to UK to France).  I’m passionate about women’s concerns, especially where they intersect with ethnicity, class, disability and transgender issues.  For me, the Women’s Movement should have continued fighting for women of colour and working class women, and perhaps settled too early for improvements in the lives of mainly white, middle class women.  More recently, as a woman born in 1954, I’ve also become involved in the struggle for transitional arrangements for women affected by the pension changes.

Supporters: Jenny Semahimbo (L1430136), Leanne Benneworth (L1301245)

ADDITIONAL YOUTH DELEGATE (elected automatically, as only one nomination for Youth Delegate)

Calum Paramor, France: L0106149

I’m a primary school teacher in France, where I’ve been living for 6½ years. After a year stint as a Labour member 10 years ago, I rejoined in 2015 as a £3 supporter to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, before becoming a full member after his election and voting for him again in 2016.

Since rejoining, I organised a few Remain events for Labour during the EU referendum in Paris, and was instrumental in the founding of both the Young Labour International and the Southern France branch, of which I am Chair and Secretary respectively.

I’d be very proud to represent Labour International at conference, and hope to see it truly return to its former days as the true decision making body of the party. In particular, I would vote and campaign hard for our mandatory reselection motion.

Supporters: Steve Hudson (L1603138), Joe Bilsborough (L1650203)

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