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LI All Members Meeting 15 July 2018 – errors in the previously circulated motions on Brexit and on Marc Wadsworth

We have discovered that there were some small mistakes in the Brexit Motions 1 + 2, due to a problem with tracked changes and that the proposers were not mentioned.
The motion on Marc Wadsworth was also incorrect and is replaced.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

Here are the corrected texts:
1. A people’s vote on Brexit This CLP supports the earliest possible election of a Labour government. The current government is putting Tory Party dogma first, not jobs first – and they have no mandate for their agenda.

We note and support Labour’s six tests for Brexit, which aim to ensure that the post- Brexit settlement preserves the benefits we currently get from collaboration with Europe, defends our rights and protections, and delivers for all parts of the UK. It is increasingly clear that the Tories’ Brexit deal will fail these tests.

We believe that only Labour can lead the British people into a progressive and economically sound relationship with Europe. The Brexit deal being pursued by Theresa May is a threat to jobs, peace in Northern Ireland, and the future of the NHS and public services. Tory Brexit will wreck the British economy, will commit us to a series of long-term trade deals which will enforce American-style deregulation, and will undermine the rights, freedoms and protections currently enshrined in EU law. All of this will bind the hands of a future Labour government and will make it much harder for us to deliver on our promises.

The government’s free market agenda and racist scapegoating of migrants (which will inevitably also affect British citizens who are resident across the rest of the EU) along with the “hostile atmosphere” and the real threat of a return to open armed conflict in Ireland has rarely been challenged so far because of a wish to “respect the result”. At the same time, 80% of Labour members support a further referendum on any final deal, and most Labour members and supporters voted to remain.

We note that there is nothing in the 2017 manifesto that the EU could prevent – though the Commission could attempt to cause difficulties – but also that a neoliberal-shaped Brexit would be a bigger block on us achieving our aims. Brexit will be a disaster for working class people and the communities which the left is supposed to represent and who desperately need a Labour government carrying out socialist policies. Boris Johnson seems to be looking forward to a “Trump-style meltdown”.

We therefore urge Labour to oppose the Tories’ destructive Brexit and unite the country behind a radical vision for the future. In government, Labour could rally left-wing parties across the continent, and create a Europe for the many, not the few.

We must make the election of a radical Labour government our first priority.

We note that for a general election to be called, there must be a two thirds majority of MPs (due to the Fixed Term Parliament Act) and that the Conservatives are unlikely to call an election they expect to lose. The only likely route to a general election before 2022 would be the collapse of the government’s Brexit agenda. This could happen if the EU Exit Deal is voted down in Parliament and in a subsequent popular vote.

We note and support the 2016 Conference commitment to a public vote on the Exit Deal so the people have the final decision on whether to accept the government’s deal or to stay in the EU.
We call on the Labour Party to:

1. Reaffirm its policy of opposing any Brexit deal that does not satisfy Labour’s 6 tests.2. Reaffirm 2016 Labour Conference support for a public vote on the deal. The franchise in this referendum, as in general, should be extended to all British citizens regardless of place of residence and length of time spent outside of the UK
3. Following a public vote in favour of rejecting the proposed Tory Brexit deal, to call for an immediate general election. The franchise in this vote, as in general, should be extended to all British citizens regardless of place of residence and length of time spent outside of the UK.

Delegates from this CLP to Labour Party conference should vote in line with this policy.

Proposed: Colin O Driscoll, Matt Heaney, Leanne Bentworth, Andrew Ryder

2. Support the “Left against Brexit” speaking tour
The LICC notes the launching of the “The Left Against Brexit” speaking tour organised by Another Europe Is Possible and supported by, amongst others, Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary and Julie Ward, Labour MEP for North-West England and a clear supporter of the leadership of our party under Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.
The time to stay silent is long over.
Labour International resolves to:
a. contact Another Europe Is Possible to provide input into their campaign from LI members who will be affected by Brexit
b. encourage local LI branches and groups (primarily) in the EU to organise public meetings or debates, e.g. in cooperation with “The Left Against Brexit” on what alternatives are currently possible to the reactionary, neoliberal, racist Brexit agenda of the Tory-DUP coalition in Westminster.
c. provide funding for necessary transport costs for a speaker at such local meetings, ideally a member of the Labour Party (MP, MEP, NEC member etc.) who supports this campaign and the LI Treasurer is instructed to enable this if required. This also applies to budgeted costs for publicity, meeting room costs, etc.
d. encourage local LI branches or groups to attempt to cooperate with local socialist and social-democratic parties who support our party manifesto and direction in the organising and publicising of any such events, in order to build lasting links with them on the ground and to build LI.

Proposed and seconded:
Matthew Heaney (Germany), Leanne Benneworth
(Netherlands), Colin O Driscoll (Belgium), Andrew Ryder (Hungary)
Motion 3 (on affiliating to AEIP) is unchanged, but is proposed by the same members as motions 1 + 2.

Marc Wadsworth
The motion should read:

Labour International notes the recent suspension of veteran Labour Party activist and anti-racism campaigner Marc Wadsworth on the grounds of “bringing the Labour Party into disrepute”.

Labour International believes that this decision is unjustified, undermines the freedom to debate within the Labour Party, and therefore the decision itself brings the Labour Party into disrepute.

Labour International further believes that Marc Wadsworth should be re-instated.

Proposed Ann Bonner, Colin O Driscoll

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