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LI for a Green New Deal - Reading List Banner

Labour and a Green New Deal UK (Green Industrial Revolution)

Labour for a Green New Deal has published the following documents as PDFs:

Sign this Open Letter to Tell the Labour Party: We need a much more ambitious Green Recovery from Covid

Articles on the GND:

Reports constituting a GND:

  • The Labour Party Manifesto 2019
  • The Green Transformation: Labour’s Environment Policy
  • Thirty Recommendations by 2030
  • Labour Land for the Many Report
  • National Investment Bank Plans Report to Labour

 IPPR A Wealth of Difference: Reforming the Taxation of Wealth

 Commonwealth: A Climate Retrofit for UK Trade
 Commonwealth: Green Recovery Act 2020
 Commonwealth: A Test of Mettle: Securing a future for a green UK steel industry
 DemocracyCollaborative/ CLES: Owning the Future: After COVID-19
 Labour: Towards a National Care Service
 Climate Change Committee: Sixth Carbon Budget

Sixth Carbon Budget

Additional Reports
Global Warming of 1.5C Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report
UN Climate Change and Poverty: Report of the special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights
WWF Living Planet Report 2020
WWF Living Planet Report 2020 Summary
Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE BILL UK) Must read!
The Path to Net Zero Climate Assembly (UK) Final Report 2020
The Path to Net Zero Climate Assembly (UK) Final Report 2020 Summary
Reducing UK emissions Progress RepSort to Parliament – Committee on Climate Change, June 2020

A safe operating space for humanity’, Johan Rockström ,  Will Steffen , Jonathan A. Foley, Nature, September 2009

Planetary Boundaries Stockholm Resilience Centre. Home website with useful links.

Let the environment guide our development, Johan Rockstrom, TED Talks, August 2010
Doughnut Economics, Book by Kate Raworth (2017). Combining the theory of planetary boundaries, or the ecological ceiling with a social foundation to form a ‘doughnut’. A must read.
Exploring Doughnut Economics Website

 ‘Can we have prosperity without growth?’ New Yorker, February 2020
 ‘How degrowth pushes climate and well being over GDP’, Bloomberg, Septemer
 ‘A Green New Deal without Growth’, Mastini, R., Kallis, G & Hickel, J., Ecological
Economics Vol.179 January 2021
 ‘Is green growth possible?’ Hickel, J & Kallis, G. New Political Economy
 Less is more: How Degrowth Can Save The World, Jason Hickel (2020)

 Natural Climate Solutions. ‘Our aim is to prevent climate breakdown by restoring our
life support systems’ Endorsed by Greta
 ‘Rewilding and Climate Breakdown’ – a report by Rewilding Britain

The books that started the modern environmental movement
 Silent Spring, Rachael Carson (1962)
 The Limits to Growth, Dennis Meadows,  Donella Meadows ,  Jørgen Randers ,
William W. Behrens III (1972)
Further Reading
 A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal, K. Aronoff, A. Battistoni, D.
Aldana Cohen & T. Riofrancois (2019)
 On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal, Naomi Klein (2019)
 This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, Naomi Klein (2014)

 The Unihabitable Earth: A story of the Future, David Wallace-Wells (2019) Must
 Finance Curse: The Finance Curse: How Global Finance is Making Us All Poorer,
Nicholas Shaxson (2018)
 Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer (2013)
 Limits: Why Malthus was wrong and why Environmentalists should Care, Giorgis
Kallis (2019)
 Who Owns England?: How We Lost Our Green and Pleasant Land, and How to
Take It Back, Guy Shrubsole (2019)
 Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change,
George Marshall (2014)
 Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs, Jonathan Neale (2021)
 Prosperity without Growth: Foundations for the economy of tommorrow, Tim
Jackson (2017)
International Eco-socialism
 Final Manifesto of the 3 rd International Ecosocialist Conference, September 2016
 The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration. In 2007 more than 400 activists from 37
countries endorsed this statement of ecosocialist principles and goals
 People’s Agreement ‘Acurdo Pueblos’, WORLD PEOPLE’S CONFERENCE ON
Cochambamba, Bolivia
 Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe, Michael Löwy (2005)
 Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System, Ian
Angus (2016)
 What Every Environmentalists needs to know about Capitalism, Fred Magdoff and
John Bellamy Foster (2011)
Articles of note
 ‘Capitalism is Killing the World’s Wildlife Not Humanity’, Climate and Capitalism,
October 2020
 Share of global habitable land needed for agriculture if everyone had the diet of…’
Our World in Data website
 The Global Calculator is a free and interactive tool that helps you to understand the
link between our lifestyles, the energy we use, and the consequences for our
 ‘Five Reasons to Look after our Land, Greenpeace, August 2019
 Green New Deal UK,
 ‘Don’t Call Me a Pessimist on Climate Change. I Am a Realist’, The Tyee,
November 2019
 ‘Ice Sheet melting is perfectly in line with our worse case scenario’ Science Alert,
September 2020,
 ‘The Climate Factsheet for Rebels’, Extinction Rebellion, November 2018

The Extinction Rebellion Climate Factsheet for Rebels

 ‘We can and must save our pollinators from extinction’, Friends of the Earth,
September 2020
 ‘What is the cimate impact of eating meat and dary’, Carbon Brief, September 2020

This list is by no means exhaustive: any worthy omissions or additions, please let

me know!

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