Young Labour International

Here we introduce the executive of Young LI and provide some campaign information.

1. Executive Introductions

William Carter – LGBTQ+ Officer

William Carter of Young LI

I’m 24 and currently living in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, working for a local charity. I joined the Labour Party following the 2015 general election and now am very happy to be getting involved more directly. I’ve been really enthused by the wave of youth support for the party since the 2015 election and want to see the party go even further to win the next general election.

As LGBTQ+ Rep for Young Labour International, I want to make sure that the group is as diverse and intersectional as possible, and to amplify and centre the voices of groups often sidelined in political debate.

I want to make sure an LGBTQ+ angle is thought of in all campaigns and meetings and to work with all sections of the LBGTQ+ community to ensure that their concerns and ideas are heard. I’d like to work with the other reps to arrange some LGBTQ+ events also, as well as working generally to make YLI as good and as large as it can be!

Calum Paramor – Chair

Calum Paramour of Young LI

I’m 25 and live in Lyon, where I am studying a History master’s and working as a teacher. I first joined the Labour Party a frighteningly long 10 years ago then rejoined after Jeremy Corbyn’s election. My comrades in Young Labour International have elected me as their Chair. Along with our secretary Patrick, I reached out to Lorraine after the 2017 election campaign, which was such an inspiring thing to see unfold, about forming a group and I’m so happy to see us getting official recognition.

Young Labour members are an important part of the current surge of the left, and there are more of us than there are members of the whole Conservative Party. This allows us, as young members living abroad, to have a real impact by being the connection that shares the ideas and energy of our movement throughout the world.

My hope for our group is to see us reach out to sister groups where we live all over the world, to organize political education for our group, and to spread the energy and enthusiasm which is now so present on the British left around the world.

For the many not the few! The Tories don’t know what’s coming.

Emma Garside – Women’s Officer

Emma Garside of Young LI

I’m 20 and I’m from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. Currently I’m in my second year studying Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I joined the Labour Party just under a year ago. It was right after the general election was called and I decided to travel to the UK a few weeks earlier than I had planned to campaign for Labour while staying with family in Westminster.

I spent those few weeks canvassing in parts of London I had never even been to and it was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I’ve had. After this, I knew I wanted to stay involved in the party so I was really excited when I discovered Young Labour International.

As Women’s Officer, my first goal will be to increase the level of involvement of women in the group as it is currently quite small. I will make sure women’s concerns and opinions are well represented within YLI. In addition, I will work with the other officers to implement campaigns and meetings and help grow and build YLI.

I can’t wait to work with everyone to help spread the ideas of the Labour Party all over the world.

Reagan Ward – Communications Officer

Reagan Ward of Young LI

I am based in Sydney, Australia and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. I was also fortunate enough to have been elected to the position of Communications Officer for Young Labour International. I’m coming up to my first anniversary of being a Labour member, having joined on the night of the general election announcement after years of unofficial support.

In 2015, from a hotel room in Kunming, China, my friends and I celebrated the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. The direction of the party under his leadership — unmistakably, unashamedly leftwards— has brought many young people into the political arena. Young Labour International is the latest expression of this, almost a year in the making.

As Communications Officer, I envisage our group achieving a number of objectives. Our primary focus is to expand our network. This means both engaging with likeminded groups (including, for example, British immigrant communities) in our countries of residence and strengthening our connections to the wider Labour Party family. It is increasingly the case that, in our modern era, the parties of the labour movement are sorely needed.

The only government that will deliver economic and social surety for vulnerable people in Britain is a Labour Government. The only government that will pursue a reasoned and compassionate foreign policy is a Labour Government.

I’m looking forward to helping us realise this.

Patrick Jones-O’Brien – Secretary and Under-19s Officer

Patrick Jones-O’Brien of Young LI

I am 16 and I live in State College, Pennsylvania. I am currently a senior in high school and will be in college soon studying Sociology, Economics, and Urban Studies, probably at Penn State. I have been incredibly lucky to work with Calum and Joe and everyone else in putting together our Young Labour International group and to be elected Secretary and Under-19s Officer.

I am strongly committed to building ties with sister parties and organisations and am especially well involved with the Democratic Socialists of America. I am also very strongly supportive of activating supporters and voters throughout the world.

The left is in an incredibly strong position right now in much of the world, and we have to be involved in strengthening in as many ways as possible. Young Labour International’s global reach makes us perfectly poised to do incredible work for Britain and elsewhere. We have a world to win.

As secretary, I look forward to supporting every effort the group undertakes and encouraging decentralized, consensus-driven operations and decision making.

For the many not the few & solidarity forever!

Chris Ferguson – Membership and Campaigns Officer

Chris Ferguson of Young LI

I am based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I’m currently in the process of gaining my PhD, researching the use of games in education. I was elected Membership and Campaigns Officer for Young Labour International.

I eventually joined the party shortly before the EU Referendum, after being a lifelong supporter of the party. I am glad that the party has shifted back to its left-wing roots and is finally beginning to win back votes.

As Membership and Campaigns Officer, I believe that our group needs to build its support base to have many campaigners to spread our vibrant message. I’d aim to get Young Labour International heavily involved in the current Labour Party and Labour International campaigns and even starting our own youth-focused campaigns.

Let’s work together to elect a government for the many, not the few.


Students Overseas / Erasmus

Many of our members find themselves politically isolated whilst attending universities throughout Europe and across the world. As Brexit draws closer, Young Labour International is eager to connect with young people studying overseas to campaign for their fair treatment. Our scope is not confined to Europe: we are looking to engage with students across the world who are politically active (or would like to be).

Open Selection

Young Labour International has endorsed the Open Selection campaign that is gaining significant traction within the party. By working with the wider campaign, we hope to make MPs more accountable for their performance.

Voter Registration

Have you got your vote sorted yet? An ongoing issue for Britons living abroad is low levels of voter registration / turnout. As politically active young people, we believe that it is possible and desirable to increase these numbers.

We have begun a campaign, through both social media and in our respective countries, to do exactly that.

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