Rhea Wolfson Nomination and response to questions 15 July

Rhea Wolfson Nomination and response to questions


Nomination could not be considered as candidate only secured nomination from her CLP after our ballot opened. You will be able to vote for Rhea in the NEC ballot over July/August.


However, we still have asked Rhea to reply to questions which she sent to us on 15 July and nomination information is below questions:



Hi Dalvir, 



My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. It has been quite a hectic time here and sadly my inbox is not as organised as I would like it to be! Please see below my responses to questions and thank you to you and your members for compiling the questions- I found it a very thoughtful process reading and answering them.



All the best,


Rhea Wolfson



1.1     If elected to the NEC, will you attend one of our events at Conference and/or come to our LI members' meeting in Germany planned for October?
I will certainly be at conference and very happy to attend one or more of your events. I would also love to attend the meeting in Germany but I will need to check when you have more details about the event.
1.2     We have tripled our membership since May 2015, and experienced infighting and tensions between groups within LI. How will you try and bring the Party together?

I firmly believe that the more opportunity that local groups have to come together and the more opportunity for debate and organising around issues, the less difficulties we will have. I appreciate that with LI opportunities to meet face to face may be more difficult but hopefully the party can facilitate more online forums and cross country campaigns. 

I believe giving more power to local groups to bring forward campaigns and policy will allow groups to come together more frequently and not just interact with other members when tensions are high around issues of elections. I think the root of tensions and infighting is often that members do not feel their voices and opinions are being heard. Guidelines for CLPs running meetings and welcoming members and discussions could go some way to help ensuring everyone has a voice. 

2.        Voting rights

2.1     Do you support the right of UK citizens living abroad having the right to vote for life and remove the present restriction? 
2.2     The UK Labour Party thinks that most UK citizens living abroad are Tory voters. How can you help us overcome this prejudice within the Party?
I think Labour Intentional is relatively unknown to members in the UK and a campaign to showcase members across the world would be great to both break down this prejudice and also show that Labour is an international and internationalist community!  

2.3    Do you support the idea of having MPs to represent Britons living abroad i.e. international constituencies, like France?
 I have a concern that MPs should be accountable to local communities and deal with local issues, feeding into UK policy making which would be difficult whilst representing international communities. However, this is a new idea to me and I'd be happy to continue this conversation and be educated on the issue.
3. Election of Party Leader

3.1    Should the current Leader of the Labour Party automatically be on the ballot in the event of a leadership election?
Obviously this is a little late for me to be answering but I did believe it was the right thing however I disagree with the current freeze date and supporter rates set.
3.2    Do you support one member one vote (with each vote having the same weight) for future leadership elections? If you don’t why not?
 I do support one member one vote. 
4. General

4.1 Do you support the “unfreezing” of the rate of UK state pension paid to pensioners living in many countries abroad? (e.g. Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan)
4.2 Do you support public ownership of utilities and the transport system?
Yes. I think access to transport and utilities is a right, not a privilege and should therefore not be for profit. The current cost and state of our services harms everyone and proves running state services for profit does not benefit service users or drive up standards. 
4.3 Are you in favour of scrapping university/tuition fees?
Yes. I am a founding member of the Labour Campaign for Free Education and the scrapping of fees is very important to me.
4.4 Are you in favour of repealing the anti trade union laws brought in by various Conservative governments?
 Yes. I'm a branch secretary for my trade union and have been very active in campaigning against these laws. 
4.5 Would you be able to represent all current views within the Party, even if you disagree personally?
Yes. I believe democracy and accountability are the cornerstone of the party and will do all I can to ensure everyone in the party has a voice. I am standing on a policy platform which I will strive to achieve but I do not believe in shutting down debate or discussion and hope to have many opportunities for members to feed into decision making processes. 
My ultimate goal on the NEC is give away power to local parties and members so that all views will be represented. 





Dear Labour International,

My name is Rhea Wolfson and I am standing for Labour's NEC. I have attached a letter that I would be very grateful if you would circulate to your members in advance of your internal nominations ballot.

Please do get in touch with any questions and thank you in advance for any support,

In solidarity,

Rhea Wolfson


Link to letter click here

Link to website click here

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