LI Coordinating Committee

The Labour International Coordinating Committee (LICC) is elected every two years. The current committee was elected on 17 March, 2017. The committee consists of voting members and co-opted members, who were voted onto the LICC in February 2018.

Voting Members

The voting members are as follows:


Lorraine Hardy

Secretary of LICC since 2009. Continuous Labour Party membership since January 1978. Not a member of ANY group within the Party.

Actively involved in the Votes for Life and WASPI campaigns. Previously CLP Secretary in Leeds NW and Leeds NE; Branch Treasurer then Secretary of Unite 9507 Branch & Treasurer of Leeds Trades Union Council.

Based near Alicante, Spain. Former Secretary of LI Costa Blanca Branch (2010-2015 inclusive) and instigator of the LI Alicante & Costa Blanca South sub-Group (started November 2015).


Jenny Semahimbo

I rejoined the Labour Party in 2015, after resigning, following the Iraq War but also because I didn't like the general direction the Labour Party was taking.  I saw Jeremy Corbyn's election as an opportunity to change that direction to one that better represented the socialist traditions the LP is supposed to promote.

Now retired, I am no longer a trade union member, although in the past I have been a member of Unite, Unison and before that NUPE, where I was a branch official and member of the NUPE national women's committee. I'm interested in:

  • Promoting migrant rights: protecting the rights of UK residents in Europe after Brexit, linking this with the rights of EU citizens in the UK , and the increased racism against BAME communities, refugees and asylum seekers. I see all these as interlinked on a spectrum - as part of  wider struggle in the UK, Europe and beyond. It's time the script is changed from blaming immigrants and the EU to one that locates the real source of the problems - austerity economics and the destruction of public services.
  • Developing different ways of enabling members to become more involved in the coordination of LI, developing new local groups and branches, and  new ways that LI members can link activism in the LP with activism in communities - the social movement element of getting the LP message across - "small  bottom-up" as well as "big top-down" politics.

Contact me at: 

Colin O'Driscoll

I joined the Labour Party in 1978 and was active in miners' solidarity, student politics and the fight against the poll tax before leaving the UK and settling in Belgium with my partner. I now work on EU tax and trade issues.

I was an elected full-time NUS official, and branch executive member of my NALGO branch (now Unison.) I am a member of Renouveau et démocratie, a union that organises in the EU Institutions.

There are 5.6 million British migrants around the world, 3500 of us in Labour International. Our future is more uncertain than it has been for decades. So we need an active LI, which campaigns for migrant rights in the UK, in Europe and the rest of the world.

I will:

  • Support the setting up of new branches, or where geographic distances are too great, smaller local groups, grouped together into regional or national branches;
  • Support the self organisation of women, BAME and LBGT+ members;
  • Help find new ways of communicating, discussing and decision making, which correspond to our unique situation as a CLP;
  • Help link up with other social democratic and socialist parties, trade unions and campaigning organisations, locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Make sure that the LICC properly represents members across the world as well as in Europe.

Contact me at:

Dalvir Singh

Many will know me from various positions I have held within LICC for five years and it has always has been an honour to serve on your behalf. LICC Treasurer is a new role for me and a hugely responsible position. I’m following great previous LICC Treasurers and I endeavour to continue on with their outstanding work. Financial stability, prudent spending and transparency will be my guiding principles in fulfilling my responsibilities in this position.

Beyond this I’m not supported by any faction whether that might be from the left or the right. I stand proud as only a Labour Party member. I’m not in the pocket of anybody or influenced by any specific group. I will fight to ensure ALL members have a voice in this CLP. You deserve nothing less. For me it is imperative that LICC must listen and take on board all views and processes need to be put in place to allow for this. I can’t guarantee you I will always succeed due to the make-up of the current LICC but I will always fight for the right of all to be heard. I also stand by the commitments made during the LICC elections which include greater representation from outside Europe, co-opting based on ability and not affiliation, strengthening of communication with members and greater involvement in decision-making processes. 

Jonathan Clyne
Membership and branch liaison

I joined the Labour Party in 1975. When I moved to Sweden in 1980, I first joined the Swedish Young Socialists and later I became an active member of the Swedish Social Democratic Party. I rejoined the Labour Party in 2015 to support Jeremy Corbyn.

I welcome the opportunity of being able to contribute to the transformation of the Labour Party by being in the Labour International Coordinating Committee. As liaison officer for members and branches, I see it as my duty to ensure that the rights of all members are respected, that they have full insight into the workings of Labour International and the Labour Party, and that their influence is decisive on all issues affecting the Party.

Vibrant and active branches are the key to success for the Labour Party. My role is to provide help and encouragement to groups and branches. Do not hesitate to contact me. Apart from that, I want to deepen the discussion in the Labour Party about what socialism is and how to achieve it.  

Contact me at:

Rowan Shaw

I joined the Labour Party with four other members of my family right after the last election, horrified at the prospect of another Tory government. So I've no long history with the Party, but have been a lifelong supporter of progressive causes and have had career-long trades union membership (for the last 26 years, IG Metall).

As communications officer, I want to make it easier for members to connect, share information, run campaigns, and debate.

I'm based in Heidelberg, Germany, where I work as a recruiter, technical author, and course developer and trainer.

Contact me at:














































































Co-Opted Members

The co-opted members are as follows:

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